I am so not ready for this


be the person your dog thinks you are

Achievement Hunter - Geoff forgets everyone's names


i can’t believe gavin died thinking I didn’t know his name! (x)


"how are you doing?"

[makes several vague hand gestures and various noises rather than giving an actual answer]





Loib em, shma em, stick em in a wets.


i cant believe this. i cant fucking believe this. i meant to send this to my boyfriend but instead i sent it to my boss right after i told her i was quitting all i wanted to do was make an inappropriate cookie joke but no i got mixed up texting two people at once and literally sent a picture of a chocolate chip cookie captioned “ooh she thique” to the fifty year old suburban mother of two of whom i have nothing but a strictly professional relationship with. after knowing me for almost a year and a half as a hard working and respectable employee this is the last thing i will ever say to her i can never go back to that shop again all because of this god damn cookie blunder What have i Done


More majestic than U. All u haterz to the back.